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Important Information Regarding Magazine Subscriptions
Due to overwhelming emails and phone calls regarding magazine subscription bills, invoices, missed issues, check payments etc., below is some important information that will assist you in dealing with subscription problems or answering potential questions you might have.

Bills/Invoices - We never send out bills or invoices in any form. So if you receive a bill or invoice in the mail it most likely came from the publisher especially if your original order was made by mail (either as postcards or in respond to an offer). If you order from us, you will receive renewal reminders from publishers in the mail but not invoices.You do not have to renew with the publisher and you can ignore these reminders.Most publishers send reminders up to 8 months before a subscription expires and some of these reminders may look like invoices and can be confusing. We will send you a reminder by email at the appropriate time to avoid sending payment too early and offer you the same or even better price. Please note that all sales are finalized on our site and you have no further obligation to anyone including the publishers.

Missed Issues - If you order a magazine and miss an issue, please check where the original order was placed. All customers who place their orders with us can contact us and we will?make sure you receive your missed issues or 100% of your money back. We ask that you first log-in to your account to make sure your order was made with us and that it is not expired. Then please email us for assistance and we?will?resolve this with the publishers.

Checks/Money Order - If you send a check or money order to us, it is made to Magazine Subscription Network. So if you mailed a check/money order to a magazine company or to pay a bill, it was not mailed to us unless it was?made to our company as indicated above or view our payment options.

Purchases - All orders made on our site require that you use a valid email address for your order/account. This means that, should you be unsure of where you placed your order, then you can use your email address to check if you have an account with us. If you forget your password, you can request for one with your email. If your email is not recognized, then you more than likely did not order?at Magazine subscription Network so please visit our Magazine Services for help.

Auto-renewals - We never auto-renew. So if your credit card is charged for a magazine subscription you did not renew or if you continue to receive a magazine after the subscription term is over and you did not wish to continue the subscription, please check where you placed your original order from. All purchases made with us are for the specific term you choose and pay for (1yr minimum), so you are never obligated to renew.

Door to Door sales/Telemarketing - If you receive a call offering you a subscription or a door to door salesman trying to sell you a magazine, please note that it is not made by us or represent us in any way. We never call people to solicit sales or have door to door salesmen selling magazines on our behalf. Please read more about this, and how to respond to this kind of solicitation at the Federal Trade Commission web-site.

About Magazine Subscription Companies:

1.FREE Trials - Many companies sell magazines both on the internet, by mail, door-to-door, telemarketing or through promotional offers with other companies. Be careful when you receive a "FREE trial" or a "FREE one month trial" magazine offer because it never really is free. If you forget to cancel after the "trial" period, you are obligated to pay for the additional magazine issues you received. Also remember when you request to "pay later" that you are subjecting yourself to countless reminders until you pay the bill or invoice. This might also come with a renewal contract which most people miss or fail to notice.
At, we never offer FREE TRIALS to solicit sales.

2. Auto-RENEWALS - Be careful when you make a purchase on certain magazine websites because you may unknowingly commit yourself to "auto-renewals" meaning that the credit card you used for your magazine order will be charged every time your subscription is about to expire. Certain magazine companies hope you do not notice this charges and most people never notice for a while. Alternatively, if you did not use a credit card, you will start to receive annoying bills in the mail.
At, we never AUTO-RENEW.

3. Subscription TERM - Be sure to check the subscription term of your magazine. Some sites selling magazines offer half-year subscriptions, which give the impression of "great prices."
At, we only offer FULL-YEAR subscriptions.

4.Too GOOD to be True Prices - Publishers are very clear on the prices they want their magazines sold for. According to Audit Bureau of Circulation (ABC) and in agreement with publishers, magazine subscriptions cannot be sold in an auction or at throw-away prices. You may end up losing money while trying to save when you buy magazines from sites offering unauthorized prices and illegal selling practices. This also means that the publishers may stop your subscription before the term is over.

We hope the above information was helpful. Please let us know any other magazine subscription problems you might have experienced ANYWHERE, so we can share the information with other customers. We shall not disclose the name of the company as that is not our goal or duty.

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